"To put it baldly, she showed at her confirmation hearing that not only did she have no real background in public schools, she had nothing to contribute to the ongoing debates on how to make them better. Actually, she didn’t even seem to know what the debates are — or about the existence of existing laws governing education. Let’s forget the silly remark about some schools needing guns for protection against grizzly bears — please — and remember that she was unfamiliar with the key ways in which student achievement is measured, or the federal law for protecting students with disabilities, and that she refused to say she’d hold all kinds of schools equally accountable.

A few heads should be hanging with shame in the Senate today. If they were unable to show integrity or basic guts in such a clear-cut matter, Americans can expect no courage from them in the worrisome years to come."

rest at https://goo.gl/j2nBWf


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