"Gary Cohn is walking away from a career at Goldman Sachs to become President Trump’s top economic adviser with a stunning $285 million.

Goldman’s willingness to give Cohn a chunk of that fortune ahead of schedule is causing unease among ethics experts, who say the huge payout will make him beholden to the Wall Street firm he worked at for 25 years. They say that Cohn should have to recuse himself from Trump administration matters linked to his former firm.

CNNMoney reported earlier this week that Goldman Sachs said Cohn was leaving with more than $100 million. A separate filing by Cohn himself shows that he’s actually leaving with around $285 million.

Goldman Sachs (GS) is immediately paying Cohn $65 million in cash in exchange for the stock awards he earned in recent years, the company said in a filing.

That stock would normally be tied up for several years, but Goldman said it accelerated the payout so that Cohn can sever ties with the firm to become director of the National Economic Council in the Trump administration. "

REST AT https://goo.gl/7MjO44


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