"As Media Matters also noted, “Conservarive radio hosts Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh mocked Malia Obama to attack President Obama’s policies. Beck later apologized, saying, ‘The children of public figures should be left on the sidelines.’”

But Hannity may stand out for his own shocking attack on the Obama daughters. Below, he and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich went after the daughters for going on vacations in 2013 and costing "him" too much money:

HANNITY: The girls got to go to the Bahamas and all the way out to Idaho to go skiing. This is after the Tiger Woods golfing trip in Florida for him, the girls’ ski trip to Colorado, then of course, it’s Hawaii.


They [the girls] just went on two spring break vacations!


Alright, one spring break, do they have to take two? They can’t vacation in the same place?

Guest Kirsten Powers, also a Fox contributor at the time, called Hannity’s attack “insane” and “the most mean-spirited thing I’ve ever seen you do.”"

rest at https://goo.gl/8ojFER


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