"it’s not realistic, either. If you take away the mechanisms that pay for Obamacare ― as Republicans want to do ― insurance coverage will not miraculously get better or cheaper simply because there’s more competition across state lines. The net result will be fewer Americans insured, larger medical bills to be paid out of pocket, or a combination of the two. Real people will suffer real consequences.

If you want to pass a health care alternative in the open, through regular order, with multiple bills, over many months ― to give full public consideration to a major decision ― you also have to deal with public opposition. Votes on measures that already look like they can’t win 60 senators will be even tougher. And the competing viewpoints ― from conservatives who want to see less government interference and support, from moderates and liberals who want to see more ― will duke it out in a very messy battle that could overwhelm an already jammed congressional schedule.

Which is all to say: A Republican alternative to Obamacare faces real trouble, and that isn’t something you can resolve over a couple of days in a hotel ballroom."

rest at https://goo.gl/tm1oZc


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