"Democrats are going at Trump with guns fully ablaze over the president’s new executive order blocking all refugees from entering the U.S., but where are Republicans? Aside from Paul Ryan, who’s desperate to keep Trump happy so that he can secure the tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy that are his raison d’etre, just about the entire GOP is nowhere to be found:

The majority of Republicans in Congress were silent on the order Saturday. Calls and emails to more than a dozen top GOP lawmakers were not returned.

As Trump sets fire to the world, his party goes into hiding—including many of the same senators who voted to rebuke Trump’s Muslim ban when he first proposed it in 2015. But while Republicans can pretend like they accidentally had their phones set to silent all weekend, come Monday, they’re going to have to answer questions—and then they’ll get to reveal just how cowardly they are."

rest at https://goo.gl/veIjaH


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