"“No,” said Maher returning to his own voice. “That’s not all that matters. In fact, things like this don’t matter at all. What matters is that while you self-involved fools were policing the language at the kids’ choice awards, a madman talked his way into the White House. What matters is that while liberals were in a contest to see who could be the first to call out fat-shaming, the Tea Party has been busy taking over schools boards.”

Maher then advised Hollywood liberals to “stop protecting your virgin ears” and pay more attention to what was happening (in so many words) behind them.

Earlier in the show, the Real Time host reiterated his pre-election warning that “a slow-moving coup” was taking over American politics, and that recent pronouncements from the president and his administration – about sending federal troops to Chicago, re-opening so-called CIA black sites, “muzzling” the EPA and warning the media to keeps its mouth shut – “all looks to me like a strongman fascist country.”

Maher also continued what seems to be a post-election Real Time theme: Imploring “sane” conservatives to stand up to Trump.

“If there’s any hope in this country – and I’m going to say this on every show – it’s sane Republicans,” Maher told conservative tax-reform advocate Grover Norquist. “You are a sane Republican.”"

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