Along with these two truths, though, President Trump throws in one outlandish, demonstrably false lie: that there are undocumented immigrants who illegally vote. This tinfoil hat fodder has been debunked by just about everyone you can imagine, but by sandwiching his lie between two truths to make it appear less egregious, he signals to Republican-controlled state governments that they have carte blanche to engage in voter suppression efforts, so long as they give it some septic, administrative-sounding label like "tidying up," "cleaning house," or "updating the voting rolls." Guess which registrations mysteriously and disproportionately disappear during exercises like these? Click if you want, but be honest: You already know.

Processing President Trump’s democracy-destroying hijinks du jour has already become an exhausting exercise, because the man is committing his crimes against reality so quickly that there’s scarcely time to dissect the horrifying implications of one before another comes along, short-circuits the alarm cycle, and starts it all over again. He is walking chaos theory: if he just keeps the hits coming fast enough, the very real danger is that the collective national outrage will first give way to apathy, and then to resignation.

Anyone who watched the ABC interview with Trump knows he was awful. If you missed it, or want to review; the transcript is available for those who don’t mind resting cringe-face for the entire read."

rest at http://www.gq.com/story/donald-trump-exhaustion


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