"Trump is making it clear that, in order to fulfill his national vision with his executive hand, he must control not only the government, but the public narrative as well. This is classic Trump behavior, but now that he has assumed one of the most powerful offices in the world, he will be able to shape the information we receive in ways he never has before.

Major media outlets may be standing up to Trump at the moment, but as the gears of Washington really start rolling, Trump will have a lot of say over how reporters access and cover what could be one of the most bizarre and tumultuous presidencies ever. If he can spout lies on a daily basis without breaking a sweat, then he can warp mainstream news by playing favorites as well.

Trump could also have a say in how we get our information, especially online. His pick to chair the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Ajit Pai, has been waiting for a chance to dismantle net neutrality since the FCC made it the law of the land in 2015. This could open the door for internet providers and media conglomerates to strike deals that could change how easily and quickly you access certain parts of the web.

The FCC’s current net neutrality regime protects the internet as a public utility instead of a pay-to-play information service. Without these protections, access to a wide variety of news and information sources could conceivably become a premium service available only to those who can afford it. Repealing net neutrality is a major goal of big telecom companies, so how would they repay Trump for his loyalty?"

rest at https://goo.gl/m9EQwU


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