"The culprit behind the rising price of salmon is about the size of an aspirin: a parasite known as the sea louse, or salmon louse. Acute outbreaks in Scotland and Norway this year have, er, eaten into the global supply of farmed Atlantic salmon. Norway, the planet’s biggest salmon producer, exported around 5% less by volume than in 2015. Globally, production fell around 9%. All that adds up to a problem that will increasingly put the squeeze on seafood lovers—and raises new questions about how to beat back the scourge of sea lice without hurting salmon, and the people who love to eat them, in the process.

The tighter salmon supply drove up prices in a big way last year. Twice in 2016, prices on the Nasdaq index—which tracks weekly spot prices of farmed Norwegian salmon for export—broke 80 kronor per kilogram ($4.80 per pound). That’s a big increase from previous peaks of about 55 kronor per kilo in 2013 and 2015."

rest https://qz.com/888169/the-price-of-salmon-is-rising-because-of-a-massive-sea-lice-epidemic/


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