"The whole piece is worth your time, but there are three anecdotes in there that I have to talk about. First, some behind-the-scenes info on Sean Spicer’s furious teacher routine on Saturday, in which he flat out lied about the size of Trump’s inauguration in stark and absurd language. Well, it turns out America wasn’t alone in thinking Spicer did a terrible job—Trump thought he blew it, too. But because he’s a delusional maniac, his problem with the unhinged statement was that he didn’t think Spicer was unhinged enough.

Many critics thought Spicer went too far and compromised his integrity. But in Trump’s mind, Spicer’s attack on the news media was not forceful enough. The president was also bothered that the spokesman read, at times haltingly, from a printed statement.

Donald Trump thinks that the guy who angrily went out and scolded the press while yelling easily disproven lies was too reserved? What did he want Spicer to do? Break the podium over Zeke Miller’s head like he just betrayed the nWo Wolfpac? "

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