"Brown voted for Hillary Clinton. But since meeting with Trump in December, Brown has faced relentless criticism for aligning himself with a man who fueled the falsehood that Obama was not born in the United States, tweeted fake and racist crime statistics, and said more stop-and-frisk policing is the solution for high-crime black neighborhoods.

Brown, 80, is as unfazed by these attacks as he was by defensive backs trying to tackle him in the open field.

“Look, brother,” he told The Undefeated, his imposing frame leaning on a wooden Cleveland Browns cane. “The black community has to look at itself, not at me.

“What we will be responsible for as African-Americans will be the greatest thing that can happen. To sit back and kneel and pray and expect to be delivered, that’s childlike. Human beings work hard, become educated, apply themselves to make a better place for themselves in life. You don’t expect your enemy, particularly, to deliver you.

“We have to deliver ourselves.”"

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