The head of the Committee to Protect Journalists tells THR that hundreds of “average people” have been making donations to the organization since the actress’ fiery anti-Trump speech. Says Joel Simon of the president-elect: “He’ll be angry, no question.”

The most explicit call to action in Meryl Streep’s memorable, now-viral speech about Hollywood, media and President-elect Donald J. Trump at the Golden Globes on Jan. 8 was her plea to join in support of The Committee to Protect Journalists.

The 35-year-old, New York-based nonprofit primarily defends reporters at risk of imprisonment or death for their work in repressive countries and conflict zones. But lately it’s raised concerns about press freedom in the United States.

The Hollywood Reporter talked to CPJ head Joel Simon the morning after Streep spoke.

Did you know Streep was going to mention the CPJ?

We had no idea.

What’s the response been so far?

Amazing – we got 500 new donations overnight and a couple hundred more during the day. They continue to come in and it’s mostly average people based on the size of the donation, so that’s really encouraging. Obviously, separately, it’s just enormous visibility and resonance about what’s at stake here. The thing about Meryl Streep is that we’re used to journalists championing this issue. She said the press needs to go out there and do what it needs to do and needs to be defended by all of us.

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