A line sneakily inserted into the new House rules package exempts the Congressional Budget Office from doing a standard 10-year cost analysis on a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, thus seeking to conceal the cost to taxpayers of taking away their health insurance.

the new Republican rules package specifically instructs the CBO not to say how much it would cost to repeal Obamacare.

It is worth pointing out that the last time the CBO did a cost analysis of repealing Obamacare, in 2015, they found that it would increase the deficit by $353 billion. That is important, because Republicans are hoping to repeal much of Obamacare using budget reconciliation, which requires any legislation that increases the deficit to expire after 10 years.

House GOP rules package bars CBO from counting spikes in deficit spending spurred by an ACA repeal.

— Rep. Keith Ellison (@keithellison) January 5, 2017

rest at http://shareblue.com/house-gop-appallingly-votes-to-conceal-cost-of-obamacare-repeal-to-taxpayers/


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