Update: They’ve backed down because Trump warned them it would be a distraction from taking away healthcare and giving tax cuts to rich people.

The independent Office of Congressional Ethics — created in 2008 after three Congressmen were jailed for corruption — has been stripped of its powers by the House GOP, who held an after-hours vote, with no notice, on Monday night.

Under the new rules, the House will be in charge of its own oversight, and the new investigatory body will be banned from communicating any irregularities or crimes discovered in Congress — indeed, it is not permitted to have a spokesperson. It will also end the practice of accepting anonymous tips about wrongdoing by the some of the richest, most powerful people in America, forcing whistleblowers to expose themselves to retaliation from their bosses.

The House GOP vote overrode the preferences of the House GOP leadership. The charge to eliminate ethical oversight was led by Representative Robert W Goodlatte [R-VA], who chairs the House Judiciary Committee.

The House Ethics Committee has advised Congress to cease the practice of hiring their relatives.

Rep Goodlatte’s Congressional office phone number is +1-202-225-5431.

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