Such an ass backward state. They attaced unions, higher education and are an example of how big money rollers like the Koch brothers and theei ilk will put in a patsy like Walker and use their own lawyers to enact legislation to undermine the very democracy that they used to get this patsy into office. It is no coincidence that attacking education undermines the ability of an educated electorate to vote intelligently. Instead, they cast votes based on fear and shitty rhetoric forced down their throats by big ad buys from PACS that our Supreme Court says is ok; remember, they said spending dollars is free speech…..


Prior to the election of the business-worshipping, union-busting, climate denying Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, the state’s Department of Natural Resources website was a rich trove of information about climate change — as you’d expect from a state with a lot of fresh water, where resource extraction played an important part in the economy.

For years now, the DNR’s website has been systematically, silently flensed of mentions of climate change, even as the governor has publicly contemplated shutting down the DNR altogether.

The latest science to get a political whitewash is the DNR’s page on the Great Lakes and climate change, whose rewrite would do Orwell proud.

DNR Censors All Climate Change Info [Urban Milwaukee]

rest at


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