this was a fun read but the paragraphs on #oscarssowhite and double standards, below, are compelling to say the least.

" #OscarsSoWhite, the Sequel

The fact that, for the second year in a row, not a single acting nominee of color made it into the Oscars lineup—and not one film centered on a black ensemble included in Best Picture—wasn’t just ridiculous because there were actually films and performers—Straight Outta Compton, Creed, Beasts of No Nation—that deserved nominations. But it shone a spotlight on the institutionalized racial biases in an organization with the power to influence a culture in profound ways, from the opportunities for people of color that its recognition could kickstart to the power of the stories it would greenlight and spotlight from creators of color.

Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Like any year, 2016 didn’t meet a celebrity scandal it didn’t like. It was particularly special, however, in its hypocrisy with how it dealt with them. The starkest example is the media crucifixion Nate Parker received when details of a past rape case resurfaced while he was on the press tour for Birth of a Nation. Not a single interview passed without the case being brought up, the end result of which was Birth of a Nation’s Oscar chances being erased and the film essentially buried. Horrifying accusations of sexual harassment previously brought against Casey Affleck also resurfaced during the actor’s Oscar campaigning for Manchester By the Sea. By contrast, Affleck has yet to be directly asked about them by the dozens of media outlets producing fawning and flowery puff pieces and profiles on the actor. Not to equate the severity of the incidents, re-litigate either case, legitimize, or dismiss any allegation, but the fact that one actor faced the media’s inquisition while the other did not suggests racial hypocrisy (and perhaps a fear of the Affleck-Damon mafia). Then there’s the case of Mel Gibson, whose Hacksaw Ridgehas received the kind of awards attention that suggests all is forgiven for his sexist, racist, homophobic behavior of the past. Take that in contrast with, say, the likes of Katherine Heigl, whose career was ruined because she was a little pricklier than we prefer our actresses (or any woman who says something lightly inflammatory in a public forum). We’re seeing a total double standard for the way we treat scandal by gender and by race."

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