"Shih: One of the things they cleverly do is ask users to sign in using their Google account (or by establishing a new account). When you use something like Google Maps, Google keeps records and can mine that data to see where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing, and then sell you things based on that. Niantic or Nintendo will be able to take that a step further, not only tracking where you’ve been but seeing how you respond to various stimuli in going after these particular targets. They’ll have an immense pool of data that they can mine and that’s very powerful. It’s also, for people like me, quite scary. I installed the game because I wanted to play with it and see what it was like, but I’ll probably uninstall it because I don’t necessarily want people to know that much about me. That said, it’s a really clever, creative way of compiling all that data.

It has a lot of potential for misuse and could cause safety problems. It’s going to mine a load of data. The question is: do people really want to share that much information? The bargain on the modern internet is: “You’ll give me services in exchange for my data.” But I don’t think, in general, people are aware of how much these internet companies know about them. The privacy issues are the part of this that warrants the most discussion."

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