Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, a former Replican member of Congress, has a plan to reduce health care costs: Changing federal law to allow hospitals to turn people away from emergency rooms.

“If they really want to get serious about lowering the cost of health care in this country, they would revisit another federal statute that has been there for a long time,” Deal told a crowd of dozens at a University of Georgia political science alumni gathering. “It came as a result of bad facts, and we have a saying that bad facts make bad law.”

There’s no question that in many situations, emergency rooms are an extremely inefficient way of delivering care, but the problem hasn’t been that ERs are open to anyone, it’s been that there haven’t been other options. And Deal, who not only has refused to expand Medicaid in Georgia but also wants to repeal Obamacare, is staunchly opposed to providing those other options.

In Deal’s dream world, he’d kick lower-income people off Medicaid, force people in the individual insurance market to go back to junk coverage, and erect moats around hospital emergency rooms. But he’s against Obamacare, because Sarah Palin once said something about death panels.

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