Last night, Jon Stewart delivered an epic takedown of the utter hypocrisy of Fox News for attacking those on food stamps, while also making excuses for big corporations that drain a lot more money from our system, after Eric Bolling was stupid enough to actually try and attack Stewart for calling them out last week.

So knowing numbers, and hating waste and fraud as you do, when Democrats were looking to raise a trillion dollars in revenue, in part by ending the very wasteful $4 billion dollars — $4 billion dollars — in taxpayer subsidies that go to already profitable oil companies, you said what?

ERIC BOLLING (2/11/2012): The tax breaks, or the loopholes, or tax credits that you give to oil companies amount to about $4 billion dollars a year. They’re a pittance compared to what they were looking for.

(in haughty rich voice) Oooooooohhhhh!!!!! It’s a… $4 billion is a pittance! A pittance for the refrigerator set!

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