"So the story about a kid saying that lunch in a paper bag means someone cares about you was true. But where and when the kid lived, the person to whom he said those words, and—and this is the really important part—his circumstances and the source of his free lunches and as a result the entire political message available to be drawn from his story even for a committed distortionist like Paul Ryan are all untrue. In fact, the Miss Laura and now-adult Maurice of the story are advocates on child hunger, and let’s just say they are not out campaigning against free school lunches. No, they’re partnering with No Kid Hungry on a mission that includes "connect[ing] kids in need to effective nutrition programs like school breakfast and summer meals."

So the truth behind Ryan’s story is that Eloise Anderson heard an interview with Maurice Mazyck in which he told that story, and she decided to repackage it in congressional testimony as something a child had told her. A spokesman for Anderson now says she "misspoke." Yeah, she misspoke a mistruth. Then, Paul Ryan couldn’t be bothered to look into the story at all before trotting it out before a national audience, because it was too damn convenient for him. As a little bonus, it even let him refer to "my buddy Scott Walker."

But it’s nothing more than the kind of compassion, respect for others’ lives, and honesty we’ve come to expect from Ryan."

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