"Christie said, ”What they’re for in Washington, D.C., is that the leader of Senate Democrats stand up and rail against two American entrepreneurs who have built a business, created jobs, and created wealth and philanthropy in this country. Harry Reid should get back to work and stop picking on great Americans who are creating great things in our country.”

“Stop picking on great Americans.” Wow. Someone might want to check the backside of both Koch brothers, Christie’s lips might still be attached.

The Koch brothers are a lot of things, but “great Americans” they sure as hell aren’t.

You have billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett who advocate for the poor. They support things like raising the minimum wage or taxing the rich more. They believe in things like science and climate change. When you break it down, many of the policies people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett support would actually cost them money.

Yet you have the Koch brothers, men who make much of their money from the energy industry, pushing propaganda that climate change is fake; that we need fewer regulations on big business; lower taxes for the rich; and opposing closing corporate loopholes."

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