Simon Dale, a husband and father living in Wales, used his love of self-sustainability for inspiration to build his own home. This home looks amazing from the outside, but it’s also equally inviting on the inside. Amazingly, building this home only cost Dale £3,000 – about $4,700 American dollars!


Simon built this home for his family for two reasons. On his website, he says:

“It’s fun. Living your own life, in your own way is rewarding. Following our dreams keeps our souls alive.”

His second reason was more practical, speaking about the sustainability of our environment. He says:

“Our supplies are dwindling and our planet is in ecological catastrophe”.


Simon was lucky to have already had the land, a plot that was given to him in exchange for its care-taking. For this project, Simon kept his tools simple by using mainly a chainsaw, shovel, chisel and hammer. He only cut down 30 small trees to create his home. Using his own energy, Simon was able to build this home in only four short months!

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