"So this troll, Matthew Modine, wants to be Doc Strange? After these tweets of his from 2 years ago………

Modine: “And if we’re talking actor – mano a mano – sorry downey – bale destroys you in less than one round.”

Modine: “me too-not interested in avengers. #batman ala Nolan is dark and human. relatable. avengers is cartoon fantasy-nice kid flick”

Modine: #DKR’s has annie hathaway. her get-up, piping-hot @ she’s got high kicks and a bad ass motorbike. what’s scarlett got?”

Modine: “it would take 6 #Marvel characters to beat one #DC character”

Modine: “batman would tear off ironman’s head and s**t down his neck. well, actually B. Wayne wouldn’t, because he’s got real class.”

No thanks, ‘Private Joker’. Don’t want ya, don’t need ya. Lol.


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