you can just see how someone behind the scenes came up with this talking point today to make it totally normal to have to work two to three jobs to get by. This justifies the pressure underway to push down hourly wages so that you , the lower middle class worker, cannot get by on what goes for minimum wage anymore. This is disgusting and the talking bimbos at fox should be ashamed over regurgitating this crap. But they make way too much cash and work in an industry where thousands are lined up to take their place if they do not tow the line.

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"Perhaps taking her cue from a famous George W. Bush quote a few years ago, Fox News host Martha MacCallum claimed that having to work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet is an “uniquely American” value.

In a discussion during which MacCallum pushes the new GOP talking point that Obamacare will cost Americans millions of jobs, the Daily Beast’s Kristen Powers tries to correct her repeatedly.

MacCallum was basing her claim on on a recent Congressional Budget Office report which has been wildly skewed by the GOP. The report merely indicates that some people will no longer have to work just to have health care coverage, thanks to Obamacare and not that Obamacare would directly cause job losses.

In European countries, most of which have socialized medicine, people do not have to stay at jobs just to maintain their health care coverage. But this didn’t go over well with MacCallum, who evidently believes that Americans should just slave away in an economy filled with low-paying jobs in order to receive or pay for health care coverage and other necessities.

“I find the comparison to Europe one that many people might think is disturbing. The Europeans have their way of life, but what’s uniquely American is that people tend to want to work more, work harder, make as much as they can for their families. Some people work two and three jobs to make ends meet–and that is a value that has been considered for a long time to be something that has merit.”

Yes, it’s also a value that is prevalent in third-world countries. Given a choice, would Americans rather have an economic system that resembles Europe, or a nation such as Somalia?"


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