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Simon Dale, a husband and father living in Wales, used his love of self-sustainability for inspiration to build his own home. This home looks amazing from the outside, but it’s also equally inviting on the inside. Amazingly, building this home only cost Dale £3,000 – about $4,700 American dollars!


Simon built this home for his family for two reasons. On his website, he says:

“It’s fun. Living your own life, in your own way is rewarding. Following our dreams keeps our souls alive.”

His second reason was more practical, speaking about the sustainability of our environment. He says:

“Our supplies are dwindling and our planet is in ecological catastrophe”.


Simon was lucky to have already had the land, a plot that was given to him in exchange for its care-taking. For this project, Simon kept his tools simple by using mainly a chainsaw, shovel, chisel and hammer. He only cut down 30 small trees to create his home. Using his own energy, Simon was able to build this home in only four short months!

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Pizza place refuses to serve lawmakers who passed anti-LGBT legislation

On Wednesday the Arizona Senate passed a bill that would allow business owners to discriminate against members of the LGBT community. Under the bill businesses could legally refuse gay and transgender people service, under the guise of religious freedom. Yesterday, the Arizona House also approved the bill. It’s now up to Gov. Jan Brewer to sign it into law or veto.

One restaurant in Tucson had some opinions about the bill’s backwards logic. Rocco’s Little Chicago Pizzeria tweeted out this photo last night, offering their stance on the issue:

Funny how just being decent is starting to seem radical these says. pic.twitter.com/ygZcMDlgEX

— Rocco’s Pizzeria (@tucsonpizza) February 21, 2014

On the Rocco’s Facebook page, they further explained the photo:

“As a longtime employer and feeder of the gay community, Rocco’s reserves the right to eject any State Senators we see fit to kick out. That is all.”

This bill not only discriminates against LGBT patrons of businesses, it could also be used to target gay and trans employees. Members of the LGBT community often face discrimination in terms of employment, housing, and healthcare, and this wide-sweeping bill just makes it that much easier. As for the sign, Rocco’s owner Anthony Rocco DiGrazia told Huffington Post a customer posted the photo to his Facebook feed, and he printed it:

"The response has been overwhelming and almost all positive from across the globe. I just want to serve dinner and own and work in a place I’m proud of. Opening the door to government-sanctioned discrimination, regardless of why, is a huge step in the wrong direction.”

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Loyola University Limits Campus Weddings in Wake of Same-Sex Marriage Law

Loyola University alumni and students said they’re furious that the school changed its policy so that same-sex couples would be unable to marry on campus grounds under the state’s new same-sex marriage law.

The policy, enacted in December, allows only Catholic-sanctioned weddings — between a man and a woman — at the school’s iconic Madonna della Strada Chapel in Rogers Park. All other ceremonies would be forbidden campuswide, university officials said.

The move undermined the hope of students and alumni who wanted the university to allow same-sex marriage ceremonies on campus grounds after the state Legislature passed the same-sex marriage law last year.

The state’s first same-sex couples were officially married Friday.

"I was extremely disappointed because that policy is not reflective of the Loyola that I know," said Michael Jarecki, 35, who’s gay and graduated from Loyola in 2001. "To me, this seems like two steps backwards."

Jarecki said the decision was a "slap in the face" to both him and the Jesuit principles he learned about while attending Loyola.

Jarecki, an attorney, said he has been an active participant at the school since graduating, but now he will withhold all donations to his alma mater unless the policy is changed.

"If Loyola doesn’t see there are consequences to their actions, it won’t change," Jarecki said. "Why go through the work to promote Loyola when they are personally rejecting me as a gay man?"

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Man suspected in meth lab operation busted in ‘Breaking Bad’ shirt

Daniel Kowalski | Cook Co. Sherrif photoDaniel Kowalski | Cook Co. Sherrif photo

A 21-year-old man is again facing charges after a methamphetamine lab was found in his west suburban home for the second time in less than a year, police said.

About 6:45 p.m. Monday, police acting on a tip performed a check at Daniel Kowalski’s coach home in the 1000 block of 61st Street in unincorporated La Grange Highlands, according to a statement from the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

Giancarlo Esposito as Gus, the drug kingpin, in his restaurant, Los Pollo Hermanos, in "Breaking Bad."

Giancarlo Esposito as Gus, the drug kingpin, in his restaurant, los Pollo Hermanos, in “Breaking Bad.”

Officers found glass beakers, burners, chemicals, and instructional materials for making controlled substances, though the lab was not active, the statement said. Twelve jars of psychedelic mushrooms were also recovered.

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IL DCFS chief Arthur Bishop steps down after Sun-Times, WBEZ reports

Arthur D. Bishop, who was appointed last month to run the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, stepped down Wednesday following a series of Chicago Sun-Times and WBEZ reports that revealed a theft conviction and paternity case in his past.

The announcement of Bishop’s resignation came shortly after the news organizations had posted a story in which a daughter, Erica Bishop, questioned how Arthur Bishop could care for the state’s most troubled children given that he had shunned her for her entire life — even after DNA testing proved she was his daughter nearly 11 years ago.

“He’s supposed to be protecting the kids of the state — and you’ve got a kid out here you never done anything for,” Erica Bishop said. “He left me as a father, which I think that’s unfair to me and it’s unfair to my kids. . . . As far as them wanting to keep giving him higher positions to look over people’s kids, I don’t agree.”

Sun-Times and WBEZ reporters interviewed Erica Bishop on Tuesday morning and requested an interview with Arthur Bishop that afternoon.

On Wednesday afternoon — shortly after Erica Bishop’s statements were published online — Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed posted a story about Bishop’s resignation letter as the Illinois Secretary of State’s office was notifying other media that Quinn had appointed a new acting DCFS chief.

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Mother Of Adopted Daughters Creates Powerful Series From Racism Directed At Her Family

Kim Kelley-Wagner made an amazing decision to adopt two little girls from China, who are now 13 and 17 years old. She was prepared for the joys of raising her two daughters, but she never could have imagined the multitude of rude, ignorant comments she would faced daily over the years due to her daughters’ different race.

Kim finally had enough, and decided to create a controversial photo series with her daughters to show just how hurtful words could be.



Kim was a 55-year-old communication director at a Charlottesville, Virginia middle school. She had never married, but she still wanted to have children. When she saw a photo with a story about Chinese orphans in Time magazine, her life changed. She said:

“It was an image of six babies sitting in a circle on the floor, and one had the most serious facial expression. That image stayed with me.”

China was one of the few countries that allowed single people to adopt at the time, so in 2001 Kim adopted 10-month-old Liliana. In 2008, Kim adopted another little girl – Meika, a 2-year-old with special needs that had a bilateral cleft lip and palate from birth.

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