Fox News’ Neil Cavuto pushed the myth that minimum wage increases harm the economy, claiming that the president’s call to raise the minimum wage was at odds with his push to extend unemployment insurance. However, both of these measures work in the direction of creating jobs and increasing economic growth, particularly in a sluggish economy.

On January 28, President Obama delivered his State of the Union address, during which he advocated extending emergency unemployment compensation benefits — which lapsed in late 2013 — and increasing the minimum wage to $10.10.

On the January 29 edition of Fox News’ Your World, host Neil Cavuto was joined by Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle government relations, and Jerry Storch, former CEO of Toys"R"Us, to discuss the president’s call to increase the minimum wage. After Richardson and Storch both expressed their opposition to minimum wage increases, Cavuto implied that the president was giving conflicting messages on the state of the economy, saying "if the economy is so bad that it warrants extending unemployment benefits for the umpteenth time, then surely it warrants going slow on increasing the minimum wage."

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