@GiulianaRancic your list sucks: Guide To Chicago Is Really Giuliana Rancic’s Guide To Streeterville

story http://chicagoist.com/2013/10/31/giuliana_rancics_guide_to_chicago_s.php

E! News and Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic offered her guide to Chicago over at E! Online and if you think our best of series shortchanges specific neighborhoods you should not click the link to the article. It’s a combination peek at how people with the money to spend at Rush Street boutiques actually do so; an infomercial for Lettuce Entertain You; and centered specifically on shops downtown.

Let’s give Rancic some propers before we get critical: she wholly endorses Three Dots and a Dash for a date night but at this point the tiki bar has received so much overwhelming praise (even from Chicagoist) that Rancic’s nod is perfunctory. She also recommends Bub City and RPM Italian, the restaurant she owns with husband Bill. In fact, Three Dots, RPM and Bub City are all LEYE properties. That’s some hella free advertising there.

Rancic also loves having her hair blown out at Studio 110 (Check out these prices); Argo Tea (she frequents the Streeterville location); massages at the spa at the Four Seasons Chicago; and Starbucks on Rush and Oak which is so different from the hundreds of other Starbucks locations downtown.

The most discouraging aspect of Rancic’s guide is how it pigeonholes Chicago specifically to Streeterville. This is literally how the other half lives.


Another Affordable Care Act horror story, another debunking

story here http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/another-horror-story-another-debunking

"Bartiromo didn’t follow up with the guest, so Michael Hiltzik did. He discovered that Deborah Cavallaro has a pretty awful health plan, which costs $293 a month in premiums, along with a deductible of $5,000 a year and a limit of two doctor visits a year, each of which come with a $40 copay. If she sees her physician more than twice, she’s responsible for 100% of the costs.
Under “Obamacare,” she can sign up for a “silver” coverage plan for $333 a month with a vastly reduced deductible and no limits on the number of times she’s able to see her doctor. She can also sign up for a “bronze” plan and pay as little as $194 a month. She’d have the same deductible she has now, but she’d save on premiums and have no limits on the number of visits.

Under either plan, this woman would have fewer health care costs and greater security with coverage that couldn’t be taken away.

When Cavallaro said during a televised interview that “for the first time in my whole life, I will be without insurance,” it simply didn’t make sense given the subsidized options available to her – including a plan that would save her money every month.

In other words, we have yet another person characterized by the media as a victim who really isn’t a victim at all. The dreaded “Obamacare” monster is allegedly hurting so many Americans, but news organizations keep failing to find genuine examples.

Meanwhile, anecdotes about people benefiting from the law are generally ignored."