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dangerous political climate may have led to racist American murdering lebanese man

The political climate and rhetoric of this election may have definitely set this racist off, who was able to still obtain a gun even though there was a restraining order … Continue reading

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Judge in Trump university lawsuit did Donald a solid by not releasing video of his testimony

from "Bottom line: “The core question is whether the public’s interest in viewing the demeanor of [Trump] in the deposition videos outweighs the impairment to judicial efficiency likely to … Continue reading

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Harvard Republican Club Will Not Support Party Nominee Donald Trump

from "The Harvard Republican Club announced it would not support Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, and called for Republican leaders to withdraw their support of the candidate they … Continue reading

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REMINDER: Republicans were trying to steal this election and the courts stopped them

from "The most openly racist GOP nominee ever is spewing the right’s most racist lies to attack voting rights The last few weeks has seen a series of victories … Continue reading

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Comcast Wants To Charge Broadband Users More For Privacy

from "In a new filing with the FCC (pdf), Comcast argues that charging consumers more money to opt out of snoopvertising should be considered a "perfectly acceptable" business practice. … Continue reading

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Would Tom Brady have won in the Supreme Court?

from "But Brady’s lawyers attempted to fit their legal claims within those normal limits of court review of labor conflict. They contended that his case did not follow the … Continue reading

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Pocket Constitution Sales Soar After Trump Feud With Khan Family

from The Constitution appears to be having a moment. When Khizr Khan, the Harvard-educated lawyer and father of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq, chastised Donald J. Trump at … Continue reading

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